Ancient Gods Always Dream of Forever : Human Skull

Victor Koroma is an artist that creates mixed media photography works based in Los Angeles.

His mission is to change what a photograph is by finding new ways to construct and reconstruct the physical image itself. A mixed media synthesis of different processes that blurs the boundary of what photography is. Utilizing elements of paintings, illustrations, and sculpture. A means to the end of making an image rather than taking a traditional photograph.

Victor believes that though the technology of photography has been evolving since it’s inception, the ways in which photographs are presented hasn’t. His work attempts to morph and propel the medium to a point where you question what is even considered a photograph anymore.

A major aspect of what he does is observing, playing, and studying different types of objects and materials in order to get them to function in creative ways. He tends to find the beauty in everyday recognizable objects. Transforming them beyond their banality into extraordinary objects of desire that encourage you to think of them in new ways.

Whimsical. Bright and shiny. Attractive aluminum and acrylic glass surfaces that transcends.

He was recently chosen and awarded as a first place fine art winner in PDN’s 2017 Objects of Desire contest. Is a 2016 Print Magazine “New Visual Artists” ( 15 under 30 ) award winner.

He currently lives and works out of Los Angeles. In his spare time, he writes and produces music with his synthesizer and laptop.

He was born in Freetown Sierra Leone but, grew up in Alexandria Virginia.