I study pop culture history with fine art photography of consumer products.

Instead of responding to the traditional themes and objects captured by master still life photographers and painters, my work responds to the pop cultural objects people in my generation grew up with. Video game cartridges instead of fruits. Cigarette cartons instead of flowers. Allegories about pop culture arranged with manufactured Duchampian and Warholian objects. My work overlaps fine art still life photography with advertising product photography. It asks, are you looking at a commercial photographic image selling you a product? A fine art photographic image selling you cultural nostalgia ? A warning about the perils of consumerism? Or a celebration of the everyday object because “A thing of beauty if a joy forever” like Keats suggested.

A first place fine art winner in PDN’s 2017 Objects of Desire contest. A 2016 Print Magazine “New Visual Artists” ( 15 under 30 ) award winner.

Born in Freetown Sierra Leone. Grew up in Alexandria Virginia. Lives and works in Los Angeles.